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Quality,Consistency and Trust worthy to the World and Responsible to The Local Community.(ጥራት ወጥነት ያለው እና ለዓለም ብቁ እና ለአካባቢ ማህበረሰብ ኃላፊነት ያለው::)

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November 2018


A young spirit in the avocado industry
Tana Flora started farming roses in Amhara region in 2008 G.C before making the “switch” to avocado---a decision which helped the farm become the region's largest avocado grower. The varieties grown here is Hass. Hass avocado is perhaps the most commercially popular variety worldwide. It was named after Rodolph Hass, a horticulturalist from southern California, reportedly the first to have grown the crop.
Currently, the farm (Tana Flora) planted over 13 thousand avocado plants on 34.5 hectares of land, with plans for further expansion, which expected to gain over 623 tons per year.
Know the planted avocados look stronger and more vigorous with shiny leaves, they develop better and faster (which is promising), and the tree bears fruit after three years.



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